Monday, January 10, 2011

Yay! I Figured It Out!

 I had an EZshoppe for 5 years.  This last year it did not make one sale for me.  It was up for renewal in December and I just let it lapse.  I do have my own domain name and that will be up for renewal in April.  That was directed to the EZshoppe so if anyone typed that in their browser they would have seen nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  It was gone.  So I figured I would just have the domain name forwarded to my KKL Primitives selling blog - here.  Sounds easy enough.  Problem was, I couldn't remember my account number or the password.  I had them in a folder in my old email addy ( Comcast) which I had forwarded to my Hotmail addy before I got my new email addy ( Verizon)........and spent a good hour trying to locate it.  Sounds like it should have been simple enough, but I had forwarded hundreds (slight exaggeration) of things I needed to keep and it took me awhile to locate what I needed.  I finally got signed in to the Domain hosting site - had to change my email address so I would get the notice in April when my payment was due.  I was able to easily forward my domain name from the EZshoppe to my selling blog URL.  It could have taken anywhere from 24-48 hours for the forwarding to take effect, but within 20 minutes it was done!  If you type into your browser now it will bring you right here!  Cool!  :)
We had a water main break down at the end of our street a couple hours ago.  Dummy me didn't think ahead and fill up pans with water.  I made spaghetti sauce and was filling up a pan for the noodles when I noticed our water pressure was really BAD.  Luckily as I finished filling the pan, the water just stopped coming out of the faucet.  We'll get to eat, but I won't be able to do dishes, finish the laundry, flush the toilet. . . I really should have known better.