Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This is an adorable angel shelf sitter made from a design from You Are Special Patterns.
She measures 14" long from wing tip to wing tip and about 8" high.
She was made from tea stained muslin stuffed with polyester filling.  Her nose is sculpted and her eyes are black beads that are sewn on.  Her red hair is embroidery floss.
Angel's clothing is a rusty red colored cotton fabric with tiny flowers.  She wears a burgundy and cream colored plaid bow around her neck and her wrists are tied with the same fabric.
Her wings are made from homespun fabric, which has been quilted and stitched all around the edges with a blanket stitch.
She holds a loose bundle of dried flowers, angels breath and red gypsy grass.

 $16 + shipping


  Wooden fence measures 23" long by 12" wide.
Rooster measures 10 1/2" long by 5 1/2" wide.
Rooster was made using a design by Sue Allemand, Palette Primitives

I made the rooster from yellow and white plaid cotton fabric stuffed with polyester filling.  The comb, wattle and beak are hand painted.  I've sewn a black bead on for the eye and the patches are also hand sewn, with a light yellow vintage button. I've tied a raffia ribbon around it's neck.  Rooster has been tea stained.
I've wrapped grapevine around the fence and attached gold and burgundy pip berries.
A prim label with a rooster on it and COUNTRY ROOSTER hand printed on it is attached to the grapevine with a rusty pin.

PRICE: $25 + shipping