Wednesday, July 16, 2014


 This extreme primitive witch cat was made using a pattern by Moonchilds Primitives.

It has been made using muslin which I've stuffed with polyfill and stained and grunged to give it a primitive look.
The eyes are painted with acrylics and eye lids are sewn on.
The nose and mouth are sculpted / hand stitched.
Ears are sewn on.
Whiskers are upholstery thread and sewn on.
The body has been sculpted, and a tail measuring 14" long has been sewn on.
Cat is wearing a black mesh witches hat.  I've attached a rusty bell to the peak of the hat with a rusty safety pin.  I've attached a band of stained cheesecloth to the hat and some Bittersweet to the brim.
The color is made of orange and black homespun, is sewn to the cat and I've attached 8 rusty bells to the collar with rusty safety pins.

Cat measures 21" high ( from bottom of cat to tip of hat) and 12" wide.

Price: $30 + shipping