Friday, September 29, 2017


 I just love this primitive style top hat snowman, he is perfect to tuck in a cupboard, place on a shelf or arrange with your other primitive holiday decorations.

The snowman is adapted from a design by Crows Roost Prims.

He measures 13 1/2 inches tall by 5 1/2 inches wide.

He is made of stained muslin fabric, stuffed with polyfill and lightly sanded. Eyes are small black buttons that are stitched on and nose is a painted twig, also stitched on. Mouth has been hand stitched.
Snowman's arms are twigs that are sewn on. He wears 4 rusty bells, sewn down his body. A stained cheesecloth scarf is wrapped around his neck. His top hat is made of black felt and decorated with some greenery, berries and pinecones. 
$18 + shipping