Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Giveaway - Witch Hat With Crows - Ends Oct. 15th

To help promote my new selling blog, I am having a giveaway.
This is what the winner will receive

The witch hat measures 16 inches high.
On one side of the hat is a nest of Spanish moss and a prim crow.
On the other side  is some prim silk leaves, small fabric prim pumpkin, putka pods and Fall artificial picks.
Stained cheesecloth band is wrapped around the brim and a rusty star is attached.  Some Sweet Annie is tucked into the band.
Another Spanish moss nest and crow is attached to the top of the witch hat.

To enter this giveaway you have several chances to win this hat.
  1. leave a comment
  2. become a follower of this blog
  3. post the giveaway on your blog OR twitter OR Facebook
  4. since this is a selling blog, if you purchase one of my craft items you will receive an extra 3 entries. ( if you purchase an item, please be sure to let me know that you are entering the giveaway so that you will receive your 'credit'.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE A PURCHASE TO BE ELIGIBLE
Last day to enter is Oct. 15th at midnight (EST)



  1. HI Denise, I would love to be entered into your new giveaway! I have become a follower and am posting it on my Blog! Thanks, Kim (Old Road Primitive)

  2. LOVE the witch hat Denise! I'd love to be entered into your giveaway; I'm a follower and just posted a link to your giveaway on my blog (right sidebar under Great Giveaways). I also commented on Facebook and Tweeted your giveaway just because I can! Thanks for the opportunity to win your great witch hat.

  3. Very cute NeeNee! Please enter me!!!


  4. Thanks Kim,Deb & Teresa - you are all entered!
    Deb - Thanks for your purchase - you have 3 additional entries!!

  5. Please count me in on the drawing - hope I can win THIS time! Love your stuff girl! I will, of course, post on my blog.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Love it! Sign Me Up! I follow your blog's and I will post on my blog if I can figure out how lol!!


  7. Oh my goodness your work is sooo cute. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win one

  8. I would love to have my name entered into your drawing..
    I am a follower
    I will post this giveaway onto your drawing
    I am leaving a comment.
    Thanks for sharing

  9. I love the hat Neenee! I would like a chance to win. I already have your site linked to my blog but have no idea how to link your giveaway! LOL Tell me how and I will add it asap. Char

  10. Please enter me....This is adorable....I am a follower and will post on my sidebar...Thank you....

  11. Hi Denise,
    Please enter me in this great giveaway. I am a follower and I am adding you to my blog sidebar. All your creations are cute. I really like the snowman tucks. Good luck on your selling blog.


  12. hey nee nee, i am enterin!
    however i want to follow u on twitter, cannot find your button? i just joined twitter too ifyou wanna come add me :)
    you can find my button on my blog.

  13. I love crows... this is really a great composition!

    I'm following you now. :)


  14. Hi...I just found your blog - love your snowman. I am a follower and have posted your giveaway on my
    I would love to win your witches hat. This is the first year I have had halloween decorations and this hat would feel right at home among my other stuff.
    Thanks so much - have a great week

  15. Please enter me.I'm posting and a follower. I love crows! Harvest Blessings!~Amy

  16. Just found your website! It is so exciting to see what those more creative than I can do with needle and thread! I've become a follower as well. Thanks, Danielle

  17. Hi Denise, I am now a follower of this blog. I must say that you are one creative crafter. Your talent is amazing. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. The withches hat is prim perfect and would look great anywhere in my home among my other fall decorations. Thanks for sharing....Maureen

  18. Hey Denise!!!

    I am, of course, a follower of your blog and I would love to be entered for a chance to win this fabulous witch's hat!!! Thank you for the opportunity!



  19. Please enter me in your giveaway. I am a follower of your blog, Valerie

  20. Very cute---very cute! I will post this on my sidebar and on my facebook. Please enter me!

  21. Hi, NeeNee: I'm just loving your giveaways. Please enter me. Hope all is well and you're having a wonderful Fall season. Linda

  22. love your things ty for the chance to win!!

  23. Too cute. I am a follower of your blogs. I'll post your giveaway on my blogs sidebar. Good luck with your selling blog.


  24. Oh I'd love to have that hat in my fall decor. Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. Cute hat, thanks for letting us enter


  26. Thanks for this great giveaway. I have been drooling over your cute creations for 4 years!!!

    I am a follower.

    I will post this on my Facebook.

  27. Hi Denise hope I'm not to late and can enter I just love that hat! I've signed up as a follower so I can find you again.


  28. What an awesome give away. Please enter me.

  29. Oh Nee Nee! I love the Witch hat! Great job my friend! Please enter me into your awesome give away!

  30. Hi Denise,
    Love the witches hat. It is just so unique. I would sure like to win it, so please enter me in your giveaway.
    I am a follower of your blog.
    I made a beautiful purchase on your blog.

  31. OH...NICE! Would love to be a lucky winne and give this nice witch's hat a home! I am now a follower and posted to my facebook! Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway!

  32. Hi Denise! I'm so happy you swung on over to CluckleBees and entered my giveaway because it brought me on over to yours! :-) I'm a follower now and I'd just love to be entered in your giveaway. I love your witch's hat!

    Thank you!

  33. Please enter me into your giveaway! That witches hat is adorable.
    Im a follower of your blog and posted the giveaway on my facebook!
    My email is plumstprimitives(at)


  34. what a great giveaway, please enter my name!!

  35. i would love to win, thanks for entering me.

  36. I forgot to mention that I posted this giveaway on my sidebar!!!

    Thanks again,


  37. How did I miss this one???? Hum... well better late then never. Please Denise, enter me in this one. Love your creations.
    Tomorrow is the first drawing for my "In the Beginning There Is A Giveaway". It is for a little mouse of your choice if your name is picked.

  38. What a wonderful display using the witch hat and crow. It will definitely make the Halloween Season one to remember. Thank you for offering it as a giveaway.

  39. Hello Denise! I absolutely LOVE your blog and the Witch Hat! It would look PERFECT on the center of my kitchen table!! I'm following your blog and have posted your giveaway on my blog at

  40. Hi I don't remember if I entered or not but I would LOVEEE to with this fabulous witch's hat!!