Sunday, October 10, 2010


 A customer requested a hanging goose and I used a pattern from Hidden In The Attic.
She liked the goose so much that she ordered another one!
This is her second order, and I'm using the photo to show for potential orders.
The photo above is the 'front' of the goose.
The goose measures 23 inches long.  The wings are 'quilted' and the tail is stuffed.
The photo below is the underside of the goose.  I've used tree twigs as the legs/feet and attached them to the goose with embroidery floss.  The legs are tied together with jute.
The goose is hung by the  lower X of the legs.  If you prefer to hang goose so that legs show, then just attach rusty wire hanger to jute for hanging.
Taking orders now through December 13th - in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  Will look SUPER hanging from a fireplace / hearth

Price: $25.00 + shipping


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  1. Hi Denise
    I've made my Goose, he (she)still needs painting, but he (she )looks cooked already, so I'll have an overdone Goose hanging by my fire at Christmas!