Sunday, November 2, 2014


This is a design from Hickety Pickety although I changed up the face quite a bit.  I made the head a bit smaller as I thought the original head was just far too large for the body.
The snowgirl's body head, arms and legs are made from stained osnaburg and her body/dress is a pretty medium green with snowflakes, candy canes and glitter.
The 'button's are crochet snowflakes that my sister Diane made for me a couple years ago.  Those are hand sewn on and have rusty bells sewn in the centers.
The ruffled eyelet lace on neck, sleeves and dress bottom is all hand stitched on.
Her eyes are made of felt and white snowflakes, nose is made of wool.
She has 6 smaller rusty bells hand sewn to the top of her head and I've added mica flakes to her rosy cheeks and top of her head.
She is holding 2 fabric peppermint sticks, attached with a dark green ribbon.
There is a hanger on the back, as her head is still too floppy for sitting.
Snowgirl measures approximately 24" tall.

$37 + shipping


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